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Our Value Proposition

In order to help teenagers design their life, we drew insights from proven frameworks that help adults design their life and modified them into a version that is suitable for teenagers. Our framework is mainly based on the book "Designing your life" by Stanford professors - Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. We simplified and gamified the framework into a 3-hour workshop process to make it more interesting and suitable for teenagers.

We call our framework the "SUPERB framework".

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Part 1: Self Discovery

You have a chance to understand where we are, our core values, personalities, and what meaningful activities you enjoy. By learning these, it is easier to know which direction you are going in the future.

“You can't know where you're going until you know where you are.”

― Bill Burnett, Designing Your Life: Build a Life that Works for You


Part 3: Prototype

After creating your plan in part 2, it is time to go on a deep dive in the career you are interested in. In this part, we will provide you the resources you need to understand everything about your desired career. Therefore, you will find out if the career is suitable for you or not. 


Part 2: Unlearn

After understanding more about yourself, it is time to explore your career choices. Since careers are constantly evolving, we highly encourage you to also take into consideration how their desired careers will evolve and look like in 10-15 years. We also want them to consider some future careers that don't exist now! After taking in these considerations, you will choose your dream career and create a brief plan that designs their life up until 25.


Part 4: Enlightenment

This is the part where you will have already found your core values, personality and direction (of life and career choices) that sums up a conclusion to your long-awaited question -

"What would their future be at 25?". 

In this workshop, you will receive your end products (blueprint, certificate, t-shirts) and get a chance to share your plan with other people and ask for their advice.

What Our Participants Say

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Aydan Lau, CIS (Hong Kong)

The Design Your Life at 25 program was great not only in finding my dream career, but also to discover more about myself, like my values and beliefs. The guidance was nice and very straightforward. Thanks for the opportunity to join this program!

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